Christina Meyer
The Heart Still Breaks The Same
The Heart Still Breaks The Same
By Jamie Bozif and Christina Meyer ©

Kari's fiancé was coming home for their wedding day
Then the Army told her that he died while he was away
Loreli was the bundle of joy of her parents' dreams
Part of them died when she didn't wake up from her sleep

No matter how sharp the sting
No matter how much the pain
No matter what words you speak
The heart still breaks the same

Verse 2
Ali and Nisha just had their 25th anniversary
When Ali decided he wasn't happy and had to leave
Danny's mother fought the cancer with all of her might
Despite her heroic efforts she didn't win the fight


Doesn't matter how you pray
Or your race
Doesn't matter your age
Or time of day
Doesn't matter the friends you keep
Or language you speak
Or how you fall
None of it matters at all


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